Welcome to Executive serviced apartments Made by Alan We welcome your feedback, your views on our apartments and your visit We have experienced complete customer satisfaction and have provided accommodation for many high-profile guests, including politicians, celebrities, pop-stars, etc. Our last ‘name’ was Dirk Benedict of “A-Team” fame; he wrote “THE BEST. Efficient, modern, fabulous, spacious, and well maintained. Wish I could stay longer” In the unlikely event that you have any issues during your stay, please contact us so that we may resolve the problem immediately, and to your satisfaction.

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Recent comments left by guests this quarter:     “Excellent accommodation, superb array of equipment”                A.L 18/10/10     “Really lovely apartment, maintained to high standard”                 C.P 03/10/10     “Apartment is absolutely amazing”                                                  B.T. 29/08/10     “Accommodation was 5 star and lovely. We will be coming back” N.W 29/08/10     “Beyond expectation. Quality of the apartment was wonderful     A.B. 06/06/10  If you have enjoyed your stay and wish to leave a review for the benefit of future guests, please use the tripadvisor service below